A Good Article Comparing Several Energy Options for Mainers

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"Maine Ahead" magazine has a great article in its August issue, entitled, "Roundtable: Energy Leadership" in which it interviews 5 of Maine's energy leaders, representing 5 different types of energy. The interviewees are: Robert Moore of Dead River Company (speaking on behalf of oil energy); Todd Presson of Patriot Renewables (wind); Les Otten of Maine Energy Systems (wood-derived fuels); Richard Silkman of Competitive Energy Services (solar); and Chris Sauer of Ocean Renewable Power Company (tidal).

Each of the interviewees gives information about what percentage of Maine's energy does and could come from their respective technology, where investments might best be made, what upfront costs are to implement their technology, and more.

To read the full article, get yourself a cup of tea and go here.