Maine Meets the Climate Challenge

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Climate Solutions Working Together for Maines Future logoWhile many of us may feel helpless to do anything about climate change, a small coalition of inspired organizations has banded together to create a conference that promises to get us all started talking and thinking about it, TOGETHER.

Climate Solutions, subtitled, " Working Together for Maine's Future: One Day for the Climate", is a one-day Expo & Summit on March 12, 2014, at the Augusta Civic Center. Across Maine, families, farms, small businesses, schools, organizations and governments are engaged in exciting initiatives to solve climate change. Climate Solutions will showcase these initiatives, bringing people together to explore practical and sustainable climate solutions here in Maine.

The conference is comprised of three parts:

1. The Expo: "What We Can Do Now", offers exhibits and presentations on efficiency, adaptation planning, renewable energy, farming, fisheries, sustainability education, emergency management and more. The expo is free and open to the public, from 9 am to 5 pm.

2. The Plenary: "Voices of Maine Working People". Learn how working people in Maine are seeing the impacts of a changing climate. The plenary will be held in the main hall and is also free and open to the public, from 12:00 noon to 1:15 pm.

3. The Summit: "What Should We Do Together?". Participants will hold a day-long, in-depth discussion of climate solutions and public policy implications. Help Maine achieve a shared vision in which our state is thriving despite many challenges caused by a changing climate. Registration is required for the summit: $25 includes lunch (limit 200 people). To reserve your place at the discussion table, please complete the summit registration form.

Among energy-related break-out presentations during the expo, Green Energy Maine will moderate one on grid-scale renewable power and sustainable heating options. Other energy panels will address the very important topics of energy efficiency and transportation.

For more information and to register for the Summit, go to the event website.

The list of founding organiztions is here:

Climate Solutions Expo and Summit founding circle members list