Private Sector Investing in Maine Bio-Energy

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A tree in Maine photo by Kay MannThere is a new kid on Maine’s sustainable energy investors block. Synthesis Venture Fund Partners have created an initiative it calls the Maine Born Global Challenge, to identify and cultivate viable enterprises in the following sectors: waste collection, biomass handling & storage, algae, boiler efficiency, pyrolysis, hydro-processing fermentation, gasification, methane collection or conversion, hydro-thermal carbonization, biochar/fertilizers, greenhouses, aquaculture and sustainable farming.

As Jim Lane, the editor & publisher of Biofuels Digest put it:
“Perhaps surprisingly and certainly happily, the state of Maine has done something that only a handful of states such as Iowa, California, Oregon, and Minnesota have attempted: a relatively hands-off approach that puts innovation squarely into the hands of experienced innovators — rather than into the apply-to-state-authorities-and-ye-shall-be-judged approach that has been traditional with innovation grant programs since time out of mind.”

Read Lane’s whole article here.

Here is what SVFP says about the challenge:
“Change is the forefront of innovation, invention and incentive for improvement. The world’s economy is changing, and bio-based alternatives are taking the helm. The Maine Born Global Challenge addresses this global shift to a Bio-Economy and invites worldwide innovation into real projects and real revenues within The State of Maine.”

The initiative has a timeline of four phases:
Phase 1: Pre-qualification (Ends Mid-January 2017)
Phase 2: Team Organization (March 2017)
Phase 3: Project Planning (May 2017)
Phase 4: Project Execution (2017-2019)


Synthesis Venture Fund Partners is a collaboration of international energy experts, leveraging innovation, sound policy frameworks and a balanced mix of public and private financing platforms to form something new out of the global shift from a petroleum based ‘take, make & dispose’ economy to a bio-based, circular economy.

Learn more on their website.