Turnkey Biomass Composite Fuel Pellet Heating Systems

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diagram of Pelletco's patented biomass energy technology cycle One Maine company to watch is Pelletco, which has developed a proprietary, biomass fuel pellet technology. These pellets are made from wood blended with other locally sourced materials such as bark, grass, and non-chlorinated recycled plastic to create composite pellets.

Because Pelletco's biomass fuels have a lower moisture content than traditional biomass, they are cleaner burning and yield higher energy production.

This provides a more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to thermal energy produced by oil, propane, and electricity. Some of the benefits include:
--Biomass pellets are 1/2 the cost of oil, and up to 2/3 the cost of propane.
--Reduced transportation and fuel handling costs over typical biomass fuel,due to higher BTU/pound yield.
--Improved air emissions over burning fossil fuels.
--Sustainable, renewable raw materials such as wood, grass and straw, sourced and produced locally for reduced carbon footprint.

Solid biomass fuels currently only represent about 3% of thermal energy production in the U.S., despite the fact that solid biomass fuels are cheaper, cleaner, and more sustainable than oil and propane. Pelletco anticipates significant growth in the thermal biomass business, particularly as industries look for substitutes for oil, propane, and electricity.

By way of example, Europe has been more aggressive than the US in replacing fossil fuels in thermal energy uses whereby biomass energy represents more than 12% of total thermal energy production. Pelletco strives to lead our country to follow the biomass adoption trends in Europe.

To do this, Pelletco has designed a "Heat Sale" program to remove the largest barrier preventing commercial scale facilities from using biomass pellet heating, which is the capital investment in a biomass boiler. Pelletco estimates a building's heating needs and installs a boiler and fuel in a large container, at no cost to the user. They manage all fuel deliveries, maintenance and ash removal, then calculate heat usage and invoice based on the BTU's used by the building or facility.

Pelletco's technology is protected under US patent number 5643342. Thanks to Pelletco for this information and for its gracious permission to use the image above. For forther information, please visit Pelletco's website.

Read two case studies on using Pelletco's fuels at Poland High School in Poland, Maine and the Town Hall in Mechanic Falls, Maine, in the attached file.