Energy & Climate Activities for Schools

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Image of Peter Zack courtesy of SECAPeter Zack, who for many years provided energy education activities to Maine schools through the former Maine Energy Education Program, has announced recently that Sacopee Energy & Climate Activities (SECA) is open for business. Zack will be available to present just about all the activities that were offered through the Maine Energy Education Program (MEEP). The fee is $34 per classroom hour and $0.44 per mile travel. If cost is an issue, please contact SECA to negotiate. Program blackout dates are from February 17 to March 20, so please plan accordingly.

The Junior Solar Sprint is transitioning to Maine 4-H. Organizers will be meeting in the next several weeks to work out details. In the meantime, feel free to contact Peter Zack with questions or visit the SECA website.

Peter Zack
DBA Sacopee Energy & Climate Activities
PO Box 641
Parsonsfield, ME  04047

Image of Peter Zack courtesy of SECA.