Lead by Example: High School Students Bring Windmill to School

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Everyone can make a difference in the movement to bring renewable energy to the United States, as exemplified by the determined students at Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, ME. 

After eight years of research and fundraising, and one final 11th-hour delay caused by a dubious school board member, the "Windplanners," a group of students at Camden Hills, received the final go-ahead Dec. 6 from the board to install a 100-kW Northern Power Systems wind turbine on school property.

The turbine is expected to produce 12 to 15 percent of the school’s electricity each year, which should save the school about $20,000 annually.

This project is remarkable because it began with students' initiative and successive classes willing and enthusiastically picked up the project  after the original students graduated.  These students should be an inspiration to all and hopefully other students around the country will follow their example.

To learn more about this exciting project go to the student's Windplanners blog or read a published newspaper article on the subject.