Now, Aldie, I believe I could throw a cat through that crack under your door. That’s right nice of you, heating the neighborhood like that, but the way oil’s going you might want to tighten ‘er up just a dite.

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We all waste more energy than we like to think about. Because wasted renewable energy is still wasted energy, we need to maximize our energy efficiency before we invest in renewable energy sources for our homes & businesses. The cheapest unit of energy is the one we don't need to burn at all. Read on to get started.

12/23/2010 - 12:15pm

Welcome to Maine’s conversation about combined heat and power (CHP). CHP is just one way that we can use energy more efficiently in homes and businesses.  Most of the early adopters of CHP systems are commercial, industrial or public institutional users, because of the large scale of the generators, their cost and payback time.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency website,