Pika Energy Garners Investments in Cutting-Edge Technologies

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Pika Energy team photo courtesy of Pika EnergyPika Energy of Westbrook, manufacturer of cutting edge small wind and solar energy electronics and storage systems, has raised over $2 million of a $3.1 million equity offering in the first two weeks since the securities went on sale.

Among Pika’s innovations is the Pika Energy Island system, which integrates solar power and storage using a single inverter. The system offers three primary benefits to users:
1. Clean backup power — keeps you running when the grid’s out, without a gas generator; 2. Self consumption — for homes that want nothing to do with the utility, they can self-consume power while remaining physically tied to the grid and
3. Energy arbitrage — in the event that net metering policies drastically change or erode, the system offers protection against unfavorable economics by banking energy in the daylight hours and using it at night rather than buying back from the grid.

There are also three benefits to installers:
1. Faster, easier installation — PV optimizers are sub-array and connect 2-8 modules each, making installation faster than module level electronics but maintaining design options and performance control.
2. Direct charging of high voltage batteries — An easy “yes” to customers who want high voltage Li-ion batteries.
3. Simple design — No external autotransformer, no separate storage interface, far more efficient and less complex than AC coupling.

These are in addition to Pika's core values of being U.S.-made and able to directly power smart DC loads.

a Pika T701 wind turbine at Cape Elizabeth Maine photo courtesy of Pika EnergyIn addition, the company announced on January 28, 2016 that its Pika Energy T701 small wind turbine was granted certification by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC). The T701 becomes the seventh SWCC-certified wind turbine to meet the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) Small Wind Turbine Performance and Safety Standard. Importantly, the T701 was officially deemed the quietest SWCC-certified wind turbine.

Read about the equity offering and other funding Pika has garnered in Mainebiz. Read more about the Energy Island system and the T701 turbine from Pika.

Images of Pika Team and T701 turbine courtesy of Pka Energy.