Don't expect your power lines to turn green from the green electrons running through them.  But the more home-grown renewable power we can feed into the grid, the less natural gas we'll be importing.

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Maine's Conversation About Green Power From the Grid

"The Grid"  is the network of power lines that transport and deliver electricity to most of our homes and businesses. We can buy the standard offer energy supply, which comes mostly from natural gas, or we can buy energy made from renewable sources. We welcome your questions and answers about green grid power and the smart grid here.  Join the conversation today and check back here often!

osprey nest atop power grid poles

12/23/2010 - 1:15pm

There is a company called GridSolar, based in Portland, Maine, which is proposing to build a very different “smart grid”, using solar distributed generation (as opposed to centralized generation) in communities where electricity demand is high.  Here is some info taken from their website with their permission:

"The GridSolar Project has three key components:

12/23/2010 - 1:10pm

Welcome to Maine’s conversation about how we can buy renewably-produced electricity from the existing delivery infrastructure that we fondly call, “the grid”.