Guest Column: Why Not a Hydrogen Highway through Maine?

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Toyota Mirai image courtesy of ToyotaAs reported, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Maine Governor Paul LePage have agreed to put 220 charging stations in Maine to add to Quebec’s 614 stations with a sufficient number in place to allow all-electric travel from Quebec City to Portland in 2017. 

Meanwhile, Air Liquide and Toyota have announced a collaboration to develop fueling/charging stations for the hydrogen-electric Toyota Mirai 4-door sedan that travels 300 miles on a single charge. 

Air Liquide already operates similar stations in Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Paris, Nagoya and Toyota City. 

The Maine-Quebec Committee should work with Air Liquide so that some of the battery-electric charging stations will be co-located with fuel-cell electric fill stations Air Liquide develops in the region. “Electric cars” is a phrase that means more than “battery electric cars.”

Rick Smith is the President of the Maine nonprofit, Hydrogen Energy Center. Look for his comments in the hydrogen blog