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What Will Maine’s Share of the Billion-Ton Biomass Economy Be?

To start with, grab your GMO-free, organic popcorn and watch this video from US-DOE about the potential for development in one of Maine's strongest historical energy resources: biomass.

Hydropower Vision Report from US-DOE

In July of 2016, the U.S.

How is your Energy Literacy?

A chart by Otherlab that shows how all energy in the US is usedHave you ever lain awake all night, wondering how all of the energy in the US is used?

Private Sector Investing in Maine Bio-Energy

A tree in Maine photo by Kay MannThere is a new kid on Maine’s sustainable energy investors block.

Where is Maine’s Transportation Policy Headed?

Vicki Chase Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur Ben Lake and Judy Gates speak on a transportation panel at the E2Tech Expo in November 2016 at the University of Southern Maine photo by Kay MannOn November 17, 2016, the Environmental and Energy Technology Council (E2Tech) hosted its second annual E2Tech Expo at the Univ

Whither New England’s Wholesale Electricity Market?

 Dan Bosley the Government Relations Executive for the Northeast Clean Energy Council speaks on a panel about New Englands Wholesale Electricity markets as John Carroll of Avangrid and Brian Foresaw listen photo by Kay MannOn November 17, 2016, the Environmental and Ener

Spark! Fund Helps Islanders Make Energy Improvements

Island image courtesy of Maine Office of TourismEnergy costs on Maine's islands dwarf those on the mainland. Now, the Spark!

Federal Tax Credit on Heat Pump Water Heaters Expires Dec. 31

heat pump water heater diagram courtesy of US Energy DepartmentEach year, thousands of Mainers buy heat pump water heaters.