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The Future of New England’s Electricity Grid

Eric Johnson Director of External Affairs for ISO New England and Ben DAntonio Counsel & Analyst for the New England States Committee on Electricity or NESCOE photo by Kay MannThe New England electricity system is changing, with natural gas power generation plants beginning to

Learn About Hydronic Biomass Heating Systems

wood pellets for heating image courtesy of Maine Pellet Fuels AssociationWikipedia defines “hydronics” as “the use of water or another liquid heat transfer medium such as glycol as the heat-transfer medium in heating and cooling systems.

Apply for Renewable Energy Grants by October 31

USDA logo courtesy of USDA The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) from the USDA is the most robust funding source for many renew

The Ups and Downs of Maine’s Solar Industry

workers installing solar panels image courtesy of Natural Resources Council of MaineThe news on Maine’s solar industry is mixed these days and shows no sign of settling on a clear trajectory, at least this week.

Portland Rises to 2030 District Challenge

2030 Districts logo courtesy of 2030 Districts On October 4, 2016, Portland, Maine became the 15th North American city to launch a 2030 District plan to drastically reduce energy consumption from buildings and transportation.

Company Commercializes New Biofuel Production Technology

Coastal Energy Biofuels truck on barge pushed by lobster boat to an island on the Maine coast image courtesy of Coastal Energy BiofuelsThere is a new kid on Maine’s biofuels production block and it is using a different technology to make biofuel from orga

Energy & Climate Activities for Schools

Image of Peter Zack courtesy of SECAPeter Zack, who for many years provided energy education activities to Maine schools through the former Maine Energy Education Program, has announced recently that Sacopee Energy & Climate Activities (SECA) is open for business.

Public Utilities Commission Invites Comments on Proposed Net Energy Billing Rule

a smart meter in CMP territory, Maine image by Kay MannOn September 13, 2016, the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) approved a Notice of Rulemaking on Chapter 313, the Customer Net Energy Billing Rule.

Which will be Maine’s Biggest Solar Farm?

solar panels image courtesy of wikipediaWe could not help be amused at seeing five headlines in past months, each heralding plans for Maine’s largest solar array. It’s the American ideal: bigger is better.

Indoor Air Quality & Energy Webinar Series

Maine Indoor Air Quality Council logo courtesy of MIAQC.Did you want to attend the April 2016 Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference but were unable to do so? (or, did you attend the conference but wish you could have attended more sessions?)