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Energy Development and Its Threat to Wildlife

Trevor Peterson of StantecOn April 14th, 2016, Green Energy Maine attended E2Tech’s forum entitled “Endangered Species & Wildlife Protection- ‘Taking’ Care of Business”. 

Passive House, the Village Centre, to Open this Month

Village Centre passive house in Brewer Maine image courtesy of Community Housing of MaineWhen the Village Centre opens this month, the nation's second largest Passive House in North America will be in Brewer.

Back to the Basics of Building Science

David Johnson of David Johnston and Company in Gorham Maine photo by Kay MannOn April 11 and 12, 2016, The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council hosted its Northeast Indoor Air Quality and Energy Conference, subtitled, “Buildings are for People”, in Portland, Maine.

Energy Conservation and Indoor Air Quality

Green Energy Maine recently attended the 2016 Northeast Indoor Air Quality Conference to explore the connection between indoor air quality and new energy efficient building structures. 


E2Tech Tackles Wind Development and Scenic Views

Wind turbines Photo by Kay MannAre you curious about recent challenges to “scenic views” - like the development referendum in Portland, or the $100 million First Wind project in Penobscot County?

Northeast Indoor Air Quality & Energy Conference Coming to Portland

2016 Northeast Indoor Air Quality and Energy ConferenceHow important is the quality of the air you breathe to you? Do you know how improvements in a building’s energy efficiency can impact the quality of the air inside?

Maine Earns Mezzo-Mezzo Efficiency Policy Ratings

northeast US map image courtesy of NEEPA Massachusetts-based organization called the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) has released its fifth annual report entitled, “The Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy”.

Guest Column: Why Not a Hydrogen Highway through Maine?

Toyota Mirai image courtesy of ToyotaAs reported, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Maine Governor Paul LePage have agreed to put 220 charging stations in Maine to add

Delivering Renewable Power from Maine to Southern New England

Jeff Thaler of E2Tech photo by Kay MannIn February 2015, a consortium of New England states and electric utilities issued a joint RFP to identify projects that will help New England meet its clean energy goals.