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Biomass Providers

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Maine’s Public Utilities Commission now offers the opportunity to support local renewable energy right on your electric bill.
Searsmont | Waldo
Green Power Supply, Hydroelectric Power, Photovoltaic Power, Wind Power, Community Scale, REC's: Renewable Energy Credits, Solar Thermal, Tidal Power, Biomass, Carbon Offsets / REC's, Green Grid Power, Solar Power, Water Power, Wind Power

Maine Green Power is a program offered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. You can choose clean, 100% Maine-made renewable energy for your home or business by enrolling today. It’s an easy, affordable step that has a measurable, positive impact on Maine’s environment and economy.

Renewable energy is generated from sources that replenish themselves naturally such as the sun, water, wind, or forests. These clean and sustainable energy sources replace and reduce the need for electricity generated from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. Since Maine Green Power sources 100% of your renewable energy certificates from within the state, the benefits are truly local.

If you pay a bill through Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro, or Maine Public Service, you can enroll your home or business. Maine Green Power is not a competitive supply option - your enrollment makes the same difference whether you're on the standard offer or a competitive energy supplier (like Electricity Maine).

You will continue to receive your electricity as you have in the past, with no interruption in your service, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Ligulinic Acid from biomass
Gorham | Cumberland
Biological Power, Biofuels, Biomass
Trade association for biomass producers
Portland | Cumberland
Biological Power, Biomass, Organizations
biomass plant, converted from paper mill
West Enfield | Penobscot
Biological Power, Biomass, Waste to Energy
Home and Commercial Energy Auditor
Ellsworth | Hancock
oversees and executes engineering, procurement, and construction activities on biomass, solar, and cogeneration projects
Peterborough | Hillsborough
Solar Thermal, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Biomass
Company designs and installs biomass heating systems.
Auburn | Androscoggin
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Biofuels, Wood Pellet Suppliers, Biomass, Wood Heat
consulting service for all types of biomass energy projects, including electric, thermal and biofuel projects
Portland | Cumberland
Biofuels, Biomass, Professional Services
North American distributor of Kedel wood pellet boilers.
Portland | Cumberland
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Biofuels, Biomass, Materials Equipment Components, Wood Heat
Hardwood bricks & blocks, hardwood pellets, Georgia fatwood and the stoves to burn them in.
Brunswick | Cumberland
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Wood Pellet Suppliers, Biomass, Wood Heat
Farm Energy Field Guide, div Partners for Rural America
Orono | Penobscot
Biodiesel, Wind Power, Community Scale, Bioethanol, Biological Power, Biofuels, Biogas, Biomass, Organizations, Solar Power, Waste to Energy
Established the Clear Water Carbon Fund to plant trees as carbon offsets
Brunswick | Cumberland
Carbon Offsets, Research & Development, Biological Power, REC's: Renewable Energy Credits, Biomass, Carbon Offsets / REC's, Education, Organizations
Complete composite wood and grass pellet fuels and boiler systems for commercial and industrial heating/processing
Orono | Penobscot
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Suppliers, Biomass, Wood Heat
Provides a zero cost and low emissions wood pellet heating solution for businesses seeking to transition off of oil and gas
Sabattus | Androscoggin
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Biomass, Wood Heat
Licensed power broker, energy management consultant, biomass plant in Millinocket
Harpswell | Cumberland
Green Power Supply, Biological Power, Energy Consultants, Biomass
Owns and operates facilities that use biomass and fuels from waste residue to produce renewable electricity and thermal power
Latham | Away
Biological Power, Biomass
Sustainable Infrastructure for cities, energy-efficient safe and secure buildings
Scarborough | Cumberland
New technology to separate lignin from hemicellulose for biofuels
Bangor | Penobscot
Research & Development, Biological Power, Biofuels, Biomass
HVAC, refrigeration & energy management services; energy star certs for commercial buildings
Auburn | Androscoggin
Biological Power, Wood Pellet Stoves/Boilers, Energy Consultants, Lighting Efficiency, Biomass, HVAC, Efficiency / Conservation, Geothermal Heat, Heat Pumps, Materials Equipment Components, Professional Services, Wood Heat
R&D for industrial processes including grass pellet manufacturing
Orono | Penobscot
Research & Development, Biological Power, Biofuels, Biomass