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Maine’s Public Utilities Commission now offers the opportunity to support local renewable energy right on your electric bill.
Searsmont | Waldo
Green Power Supply, Hydroelectric Power, Photovoltaic Power, Wind Power, Community Scale, REC's: Renewable Energy Credits, Solar Thermal, Tidal Power, Biomass, Carbon Offsets / REC's, Green Grid Power, Solar Power, Water Power, Wind Power

Maine Green Power is a program offered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. You can choose clean, 100% Maine-made renewable energy for your home or business by enrolling today. It’s an easy, affordable step that has a measurable, positive impact on Maine’s environment and economy.

Renewable energy is generated from sources that replenish themselves naturally such as the sun, water, wind, or forests. These clean and sustainable energy sources replace and reduce the need for electricity generated from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. Since Maine Green Power sources 100% of your renewable energy certificates from within the state, the benefits are truly local.

If you pay a bill through Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro, or Maine Public Service, you can enroll your home or business. Maine Green Power is not a competitive supply option - your enrollment makes the same difference whether you're on the standard offer or a competitive energy supplier (like Electricity Maine).

You will continue to receive your electricity as you have in the past, with no interruption in your service, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

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Competitive electric power supplier offering both a 25% renewable and a 100% renewable power supply product to ratepayers.
Brunswick | Cumberland
Green Power Supply, Green Grid Power

Make a better energy choice with greenelectric™, cleangas or American Wind® from North American Power.
Thousands of individuals have used our energy products to start successful businesses and reach their financial dreams. All while making a better future, and a cleaner planet, for us all.
For us, sustainability isn't just about the environment(although it's a big part). It's about earning. And giving. And its importance can't be stressed enough. That's why we try to make our business a completely sustainable one.
We take preservation of the environment very seriously, and we hope you do too. That's why greenelectric, cleangas and AmericanWind come with our responsible energy advantages. From supporting sustainable resources like wind to offsetting carbon emissions, we hope to make a significant impact in the fight to make a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.
It's all about the power of $1. With Mission to Millions, our charitable benefit, we give $1 to your charity of choice from our featured list of partners every month for as long as you are a customer with us. With thousands of customers powering positive change, we can have a significant impact on causes that need our attention the most.
Whenever a representative refers a customer to North American Power we will pay that representative every time that customer pays their bill. It's that simple. Thanks to this, our representatives have been able to create a sustainable source of income that has allowed them to pay their creditors, buy things like cars and houses and become totally financially independent. All on their own terms.

Electrical power delivery company in northern Maine
Bangor | Penobscot
Green Grid Power
Electrical power delivery company in southern Maine
Augusta | Kennebec
Green Grid Power
national solar panel home installer
Green Grid Power, Solar Power
Topsham | Sagadahoc
Green Grid Power
Distributed solar power generation project presenting a lower cost alternative to transmission line upgrades.
Portland | Cumberland
Battery Technologies, Photovoltaic Power, Smart Grid Technology, Thermal Storage, Energy Consultants, Lighting Efficiency, Efficiency / Conservation, Energy Storage, Green Grid Power, Professional Services, Solar Power
community development organization focusing on the Gulf of Maine, has energy initiatives in many areas
Rockland | Knox
Education, Green Grid Power, Organizations, Water Power, Wind Power
Energy-purchasing consortium that serves as an aggregator for Maine's local governmental and non-profit organizations.
Augusta | Kennebec
Energy Services Companies, Green Grid Power, Organizations, Professional Services
Developing energy products that maximize Maine's biomass, protecting the environment and creating "Green Tech" jobs
South Portland | Cumberland
Biological Power, Combined Heat and Power, Green Grid Power, Organizations
tidal power developer
Portland | Cumberland
Tidal Power, Green Grid Power, Water Power
smart microgrids for small scale solar and wind power systems, grid-tied
Gorham | Cumberland
Photovoltaic Power, Wind Power, Community Scale, Smart Grid Technology, Solar Thermal, Green Grid Power, Professional Services, Solar Power, Wind Power
Innovative hydroelectric solutions.
Belfast | Waldo
Hydroelectric Power, Green Grid Power, Water Power