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Solar Products and Services Providers

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Photovoltaic Power (electricity) and Solar Thermal (heat).
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Offering a range of solar modules for a variety of projects and applications, manufactured in Europe, North America and Asia.

CentroSolar Group AG is one of the leading publicly traded solar companies in Europe,expanding rapidly in North America. We partner with you to deliver successful solar solutions that maximize the return on investment for your clients.
Why should you partner with Centrosolar?
• We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of PV systems with a 10+ year history of producing high quality, German engineered solar modules and components
• Centrosolar modules are manufactured in Europe, North America as well as Asia
• Centrosolar offers a turnkey PV system – the CentroPack® - with a 10-year complete system workmanship warranty and a 26-year power warranty
• Centrosolar offers select installers, the opportunity to join the CentroLease® program which allows for a $0-down residential solar financing in several US states
• Centrosolar supports its installer network through CentroClub®, a channel program that aligns best-in-class marketing support, technical and sales training.

Photovoltaic Power, Materials Equipment Components, Solar Power
Maine Green Power logo thumbnail
Maine’s Public Utilities Commission now offers the opportunity to support local renewable energy right on your electric bill.

Maine Green Power is a program offered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. You can choose clean, 100% Maine-made renewable energy for your home or business by enrolling today. It’s an easy, affordable step that has a measurable, positive impact on Maine’s environment and economy.

Renewable energy is generated from sources that replenish themselves naturally such as the sun, water, wind, or forests. These clean and sustainable energy sources replace and reduce the need for electricity generated from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. Since Maine Green Power sources 100% of your renewable energy certificates from within the state, the benefits are truly local.

If you pay a bill through Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro, or Maine Public Service, you can enroll your home or business. Maine Green Power is not a competitive supply option - your enrollment makes the same difference whether you're on the standard offer or a competitive energy supplier (like Electricity Maine).

You will continue to receive your electricity as you have in the past, with no interruption in your service, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

Green Power Supply, Hydroelectric Power, Photovoltaic Power, Wind Power, Community Scale, REC's: Renewable Energy Credits, Solar Thermal, Tidal Power, Biomass, Carbon Offsets / REC's, Green Grid Power, Solar Power, Water Power, Wind Power
Small-scale wind turbine sales and installation, solar thermal installation
Wind Power, Community Scale, Construction and Green Building, Solar Thermal, Professional Services, Solar Power, Wind Power
solar installers
Efficiency / Conservation, Solar Power
Solar Powered Differential Temperature Controllers
Photovoltaic Power, Solar Thermal, Solar Power
solar hot water and heating systems
North Yarmouth
Solar Power
domestic water heating systems, pool hot water supply, air, space, photovoltaic, commercial ventilation and process systems
North Yarmouth
Photovoltaic Power, Solar Power
NABCEP certified photovoltaic installer
Solar Power, Wind Power
40 years of experience installing energy systems
Energy Storage, Solar Power, Wind Power
engineering consulting firm
South Berwick
Efficiency / Conservation, Professional Services, Solar Power, Transportation, Waste to Energy
national solar panel home installer
Green Grid Power, Solar Power
plumbing, heating, high efficiency & solar systems
Solar Power
Maine's geothermal, solar, and HVAC experts
HVAC, Geothermal Heat, Professional Services, Solar Power
Design and installation of off-grid and grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems and air source heat pumps.
Fort Fairfield
Photovoltaic Power, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Solar Power
solar installer
Solar Power
Promoting awareness of solar and renewable energy, through hands-on, assembly workshops at our Seminar Center or your garage.
Photovoltaic Power, Organizations, Solar Power
Solar Energy, Wind Power
Rockingham County
Solar Power, Wind Power
geothermal & solar installation & service company
Photovoltaic Power, Solar Thermal, Geothermal Heat, Heat Pumps, Solar Power
Generation, Electric Power
Greenville Junction
Solar Power
Solar panels for boats
Solar Power