If you got done at the mill or the yard and are looking for new work, there's a lot  of new type jobs in building windmills and weatherizing houses and what not.

Jobs & RFP's in Maine's Clean Energy Economy

"I found my job on Green Energy Maine"

Tead Eames of Thayer Corporation "...your Maine Green Energy site helped me locate my dream job to date. Now I can effect sustainability on a larger scale and be completely fuel source agnostic, guiding clients to the best source for their particular needs and location."

--Ted Eames of Thayer Corp. in Auburn

What's your New Line of Work?

solar panels being offloaded from a truck

Photo Courtesy of Revision Energy.


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Progress Energy Carolinas

Reference: JOB1797
Location: NC
Employer: Progress Energy Carolinas
Job or RFP: 

Green States Energy RFP

Reference: JOB1796
Location: Various
Employer: The Green Power Network
Job or RFP: 

Weatherization Technician

Reference: JOB1244
Location: Bangor, ME
Employer: Penobscot Home Performance
Job or RFP: 

Home Energy Evaluator/Sales

Reference: JOB1243
Location: Bangor, Penobscot
Employer: Penobscot Home Performance
Job or RFP: 

SunShot Initiative Fellowship

Reference: JOB289
Job or RFP: 

Advertising Sales Manager

Reference: JOB199
Location: (entire state), Maine
Employer: Green Energy Maine LLC
Job or RFP: